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We believe in the highest quality ingredients

Milie Organics began back in 2007. Rowena was working as a registered nurse and didn’t really give much thought to the products she was putting on her skin like most people. After making soaps for her daughter Milie’s school fair and researching ingredients, the journey began. Shocked and often horrified to learn about all of the chemicals, synthetic colours & fragrances added to skincare products, Rowena arrived at the mantra – let’s bring it back to nature.

It seems nature knows best. People were recovering from chronic eczema, rosacea, perioral dermatitis and all kinds of conditions by using products free from irritants. Giving people autonomy over what goes on their skin without compromising on fun and quality products is what Milie Organics is founded on. This means no white labels or commercially pre-made bases, all locally formulated and sourced ingredients, and a brand that genuinely cares about the health of your skin.

Rowena’s research found you don’t have to look too far abroad to find the best ingredients. Our hero additions include the locally sourced organic Tasmanian hemp seed oil and Coal River Valley olive oil. We know many of our farmers by name. How many skincare brands can make that claim?

In 2020 local iconic skincare business More Than Skin Deep joined the Milie Organics brand with a renewed focus on Tasmanian ingredients. Together with Milie Organics & Little Locals Tasmania™, our cause continues, and the focus remains on nature and you.

We now have a vast range of eco green beauty products that includes  natural olive oil skincare, specialised Tasmanian hemp seed oil skincare, cold processed natural olive oil soaps, Australian grown and distilled essential oils, bath products, shaving soaps, accommodation bathroom amenities, Tasmanian Little Locals ™ baby products and more. Our range is always evolving.

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