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Australian Blue Gum essential oil


Invigorating and uplifting eucalyptus essential oil – ideal for relieving cold and flu symptoms and as a decongestant. Eucalyptus Globulus is known as the blue gum and is the floral emblem of Tasmania.

Aroma : Sharp, sweet and invigorating

Blue Gum Essential Oil can benefit:

  • Support the health of the respiratory system
  • Soothe tired and sore muscles
  • Be a decongestant
  • Relieve inflammation
  • Relieve chest infections
  • Provide a warming, comforting sensation on the skin
  • Treat joint pain

Can be used in massage oil with a carrier oil, added to water in an oil burner or add a few drops to a warm bath for a relaxing experience


Please read the label for warnings and directions.
Distilled and grown in Australia, bottled in Tasmania

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