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We believe in the environment

Recycling and responsibility disposing of Milie Organics packaging is important to us, and most of our packaging is fully recyclable. This is to reduce landfill and the negative impacts on our fragile environment. We would love to have them returned, but cannot reuse them with our products due to strict quality control.

Please check our Refill category for all your liquid hand and body wash bulk refills. This is the perfect way to responsibly reduce landfill.

Three types of ways to responsibly dispose of your Milie Organics packaging are:

Your local Recycling Program

Rinse out your empty bottles and jars and carefully place them into the designated recycling bins near you. Do not put in broken glass jars in the bin, as they cannot be recycled.

– All 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml amber bottles
– All glass 60ml & 100ml clear and amber jars
– Hand Cream Tubes made from sugarcane plastic
– Bottom of the lotion/liquid soap pump
– Essential Oil bottles
– Shaving Soap & Beard Balm tins
– Soap boxes
– All 30ml glass amber bottles


Red Cycle collection bins are located outside Coles, Woolworths and other easily accessed outlets. Check the website for your local drop off zone.

– Australia Post sachets that your online order may arrive in
– Biodegradable sticky tape that your online order is securely wrapped in

General Waste

Pop the following into your local general waste to be correctly and safely disposed of –

– Lip Balm Container – this is unfortunately due to the size and the risk of clogging up the recycling machine
– Top of the lotion/liquid soap/serum/eye cream pumps
– Magnesium Soak Pouches
– Lids from cream jars
– Dropper from 30ml jars – unfortunately too small to safely place in recycling bins.
– Bath Bomb Biopak containers – biodegradable. Usually commercially compostable, there is currently no program in Australia to provide this service.

Thank you for kindly looking after our Mother Nature

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